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Dynamic + Managed Software Delivery

Discover + Align

Identify your digital transformation goals and align with the ideal technical solutions to meet them


Assemble Team

Approve our list of highly qualified candidates to fulfill all the product management, UI/UX, and development roles needed


Start Transformation

Your Managed Team begins to work on your digital transformation and delivers releases every 2 weeks!


Manage Transformation

Manage and scale your team to match your growth and success requirements

Learn how our Software Managed Teams can help your business sustain real digital growth

Delivering the Full Digital Value Chain


Aligning digital transformation goals with technical requirements


Interactive stories told through experiential + product design


World class web + mobile development in every technology under the sun

Insights, Big Data, Emerging Tech

Data scientists help you identify the next big thing before the next big thing hits the market

Cloud Managed Services

DevOps, SecOps, automation, support, maintenance, risk management, upgrades and more...

A managed team of software engineers, digital designers, and product managers dedicated to your digital product's growth

Managed Teams

Team Augmentation

Enhance your digital capabilities with the needed digital and IT expertise from our pool of world class talent

We help you manage the software development + delivery of your digital products and transfer ownership to you


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Our clients enjoy the strategic flexibility needed to adapt quickly to disruptive market changes.

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Sanaam - Enabling Financial Freedom

An innovative application of financial technology that enhances your financial freedom and helps you spend and save smartly.


Kema - Smarter Corporate Spending

A neo bank that focuses on SAAS expenses with card solutions designed specifically for SMEs to manage purchases, control online spending.


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