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A leading challenge in any service and advisory services company is scale: growing the user base of the business.

This required a significant increase in internal service provider headcount leading to unpredictable profitability. Tarjamah had multiple options to either sustain and grow the baseline incrementally with the legacy model, or to make a plan to address disruption their industry with a new focus on quickly becoming the market leader in the following 5 years.

Building Ureed

Sitech helped to execute the transformation of Tarjamah business by shifting the internal resource model to a marketplace, linking services providers and Employers. The goal was to build an entirely new online marketplace for monetizing connections between freelancers and Employers that scales the base of Tarjamah’s business.

We designed, built, and deployed a complete online platform (www.ureed.com) for onboarding and qualifying talent in the linguistic services space.

The platform connects Employers with external freelance translators and editors. It supports both Arabic and English. Employers post their job requirements for review by a large pool of talent across the Middle East. SiTech built an auction platform, which Freelancers use to bid for posted Employer jobs. Sitech implemented a rating system for both Employers and freelancers, so that past project performance is visible to all parties. A payment system and infrastructure was developed.

A transparent accounting system was made available for all parties.

Project Governance & Timelines

Sitech implemented good governance practices on the project, combining agility with an orderly project processes with regular iterations and releases to production.

The engagement began in 2017 and lasted through 2018. Sitech also supported on-boarding of the new Ureed internal team from the early stages of the project. After the Ureed product went live, Sitech with Tarjamah doing interviews to ensure the right team was on board to help drive their transformation strategy to success. 

Business Impact

The Ureed project addressed how to scale the business without growing the additional internal headcount.

The project answered the question: how can you keep the current business and reap benefits, while growing the future of the business? How can we scale without the big overhead, and very quickly. Sitech implemented a distributed model where talent is available on demand and not on the payroll. We also helped to address a second challenge to manage a two-valued economic system, where Tarjamah creates a new cost structure but a lower revenue stream that grows over time.

Ureed grew quickly over three years to support nearly 4,000 annual transactions with 1,500 registered Employers, and about 10,000 registered freelancers with 300 daily actives. The profitability simulation chart compares the profitability of Tarjamah with the new investment in Ureed business model. We notice for the Tarjamah original model, there is high variability of profits driven by increased fixed costs of the internal payroll to meet increased demand. Impact on the Tarjamah P&L is estimated by simulating the pattern of growth of Ureed, which is depressed initially by the new investment but grows steeply as the Ureed business scales.

Technical Solution Summary

Ureed.com is built as a fully cloud-native application running on container technology. Ureed leverages state of the art data-first programming languages as their vision has always been close to natural language processing and deep learning towards linguistics, analytics, and intelligence.

Ureed runs full CI/CD environments for build and release strategies, and more importantly runs a high availability environment on AWS to ensure auto scaling and multi region redundancy. Ureed also leverages a heavy JS frontend with realtime sockets for notifications and realtime chat where its scalability is reliant on Redis pubsub on AWS elasticache.

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