7 Competitive Advantages of Managed Teams

7 Competitive Advantages of Managed Teams

A website or app is no longer enough.

Delivering engaging, personalized, and evolving digital experiences to your customers is the primary digital strategy objective for any business seeking to grow.

According to a 2021 Gartner study, C-Suite executives are prioritizing their short and long term resource allocation and investments into those priorities:

The harsh reality is that needs constantly and suddenly change. 

In addition to being an extremely expensive option; recruiting, managing, and retaining in-house software development teams is extremely challenging for non-technical business owners.

On the other hand, outsourcing projects to freelancers or vendors can compromise quality, delay delivery, and limit you with scoped requirements that can change any moment.

So, how can your business or any business for that matter build and sustain the infrastructure required to deliver digital products at the speed of changing need?

At Sitech, we developed an ideal approach that helped our clients grow thanks to smarter delivery of innovative software solutions and digital experiences. 

We call them Managed Teams.

Here are 10 ways our Managed Teams give you the competitive edge in your market:

1. Flexible and Agile Teams

Managed Teams ensure the seamless delivery of your digital products and services. 

We invested heavily in hiring and retaining world class talent in user experience design and engineering that are specialists in every technology and design system under the sun.

Regardless of any disruptive trend or change in the market needs, we will be able to realign and pivot your software design and development team in a matter of minutes ensuring that your project never suffers from any delay or quality issues.

2. Results and Quality Driven Software Delivery

Unlike outsourcing to vendors or freelancing, Managed Teams members are tailored to your digital project development and sustained success beyond launch.

Each project will have it’s own dedicated team of engineers, UX designers, data scientists, business analysts - all led by a product manager with relevant experience in your industry and market needs.

This careful composition of your Managed Team ensures that your digital product or service is built to succeed with regards to achieving the desired business results.

3. Launching Software Faster To Market

You have undoubtedly experienced the common challenges that may occur during software design and development processes - either internal or external.

In addition to implementing flexible and dynamic agile methodologies; our Managed Teams approach mitigates the majority of the risks associated with software development to ensure that your business is always at a superior digital advantage than your competitors in the market.

Managed Teams ensure that your business is always faster, more innovative and efficient when it comes to launching new digital products and services.

Fact: Managed Teams enable you to launch iterative releases every 2 weeks.

4. Enrich your brand with Innovation

Being faster than everyone else doesn’t count for much unless your digital experiences are relevant, engaging, and personalized to your target audience.

Our Managed Teams may be entirely focused on your digital strategy objectives - but they are not silo-ed. Constant testing, monitoring, and an ongoing feed of actionable insights are always enriching each project’s growth.

We retain a flat structure when it comes to knowledge sharing and this gives us and your business the strategic ability to innovate and capitalize on otherwise hidden opportunities for business development.

5. Easier and Achievable Digital Transformation

Managed Teams make your digital transformation a real and attainable mission.

Sprints are planned every 2 weeks to ensure deliberate steps are taken towards achieving structured, sustainable, and progressive growth for your business and brand.

Analysed reports will be shared from frequent focus groups throughout the design and development sprints to ensure we retain up-to-date insight into potential opportunities and pitfalls going forward.

Improvements, updates, and upgrades are all delivered as microservices in an agile manner to ensure you are always relevant to your customers and ahead of your competitors.

6. IT Cost Optimization

Achieving the ideal digital customer experience is an ongoing endeavour.

Emerging trends and technologies are outpacing the ability of businesses to deliver digital experiences that their customers expect of them.

Hiring in-house talent will have a steep cost creep as your market needs inevitably evolve. This natural evolution will also mean that outsourcing your projects will become a massive burden on your ability to allocate resources, plans, and growth.

Our pool of talent is extensive and we compose project teams at the speed of need. With Managed Teams, your cost will be easily predictable and manageable.

7. Access to World Class Digital Experience Talent

Not all businesses are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of IT talent acquisition nor management.

They are not logically expected to have that level of expertise.

From mentorship, onboarding, and beyond... talent growth and retention can be a daunting task for your business if you don’t have the relevant senior level IT expertise it takes to make sure the unique work 

We provide a unique environment for each project team to ensure that all their needs are met; in turn making sure that they are 100% focused on your success and growth.

Our Human Capital division is dedicated to scouting talent 24/7 to enrich our fast growing pool of world class experts in UX/UI, software engineering, AI, DevOps, and data science.