Product Discovery Services

Product Discovery

Eliminating product design and development chaos. Upfront.

In today’s competitive market, it is more important than ever to build the right product. But what does that mean? And how do you know when you've done it?

We help companies answer these questions and more, with a product discovery service that helps you eliminate problems in design and development from the start. We can also help you rapidly assess your options, define a clear path forward, and get to market quickly with the right product.

Product Discovery Services - Sitech

Identifying Factors Critical to Your Success

Product Strategy

A comprehensive plan that aligns your product's technical and business requirements. Our product discovery service will show you how to prioritize and optimize features while still hitting your deadlines.

Product Audit

Identify where your product stands in comparison to your competition and how it should be improved. With a defined product discovery service, you can prioritize the right features and make your product roadmap more achievable.

Product Design Sprints

Rapid prototyping of all essential features and components needed for a MVP launch. From strategy to execution, our design team has the know-how to create beautiful and user-friendly interfaces. Let us show you how we can improve your customer experience with better design.

Business Analysis

A thorough analysis of business needs and competitive landscape in the market. Our tried and tested product discovery service will help you validate your product idea through data.

Growth Road Map

A clear and systematic plan that outlines your product's growth. Let us show you how to establish key metrics, identify your target market and determine your go-to-market strategy.

User Journey Mapping

Empathy maps and user stories developed based on insights and user research. Our product discovery service defines your end-user and their needs.

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Design-driven Approach to Product Development

Scoping Sessions

We scope your current product strategy and engage all primary stakeholders including users to gather insights critical to the validation of your product.


Design and Prototyping Sprints

Our UX/UI specialist will proceed with designing your MVP based on insight gathered into the essential product design components and features needed at launch. Ongoing reporting and coordination takes place throughout the process.


Product Growth Road Map

We present our findings and analysis in the form of a detailed strategy that advises you on how best to design, develop, and launch your product going forward.