Sanaam - Enabling Financial Freedom

An innovative application of financial technology that enhances your financial freedom and helps you spend and save smartly.

Sanaam - Enabling Financial Freedom


of today's workforce state that financial matters cause them the most stress


of individuals stated that they have less than $1,000 saved to deal with emergency expenses

Why Sanaam - The Concept

Over the period of 3 months, the need for a smarter financial wellness solution was validated by our team of analysts through rigorous market research and focus groups.

The Challenge

Because waiting for your payday every month is a major life blocker for most earners out there.

Key Target Audience

Employees and freelancers based in the MENA region that relied upon a single revenue stream - their earned monthly pay.

Designing for Impact

Based on the insight and market intelligence gained; our UI/UX team proceeded to develop the ideal brand identity for Sanaam.

We quickly moved on from fancy presentations of wireframes to immediately creating clickable prototypes to initiate testing with focus groups carefully selected from our key target audience.

Innovative fintech solutions in MENA
How to test digital financial products and services

Thanks to the insight gained from this testing phase; we were able to implement best practices and relevant design systems - creating a highly relevant user journey for all the segments of our target audience.

Sanaam onboarding
Designing fintech digital products and solutions

App Development


UI development: Flutter
Programming language: Dart


Frontend: Java Script - React.js with Redux Saga
Backend: Python
DB: PostgreSQL

About Sanaam

How Sanaam Helps

All the limitations, restrictions, drama of dealing with unexpected expenses and bills. Sanaam is all about enabling you to live a stress free life through healthier financial wellness.
With Sanaam, everyday is payday!

Get real-time control and access to your earned salary every day of the month.

“Sanaam is a must-have app for anyone who wants to truly understand how they are spending their money. I love that it keeps me accountable and motivated to spend mindfully. I’m proud to say that I’ve broken the paycheck to paycheck cycle, and I have Sanaam to thank!”

- Jude Hadidi, Marketing

Sanaam Benefits Employers Too!

Increase productivity

When your employees are not stressed about money, they can do what they do best, and it’s a win-win.

Eliminating cash advance

With the Sanaam model, we eliminate the time spent processing cash advances.

Happy team, happy life

People want to work with companies that empower their employees and make their best interest a priority, which is what Sanaam is about.

It's free... it is!

By now you’re wondering can it be better? Well, yes… Because Sanaam provides these great services to your employees at no cost to you!

Sanaam is available today on iOS and Android! Learn more about Sanaam here.