Doroob - Saudi Youth Capacity Building

Preparing the Saudi youth to enter the workforce.

Doroob - Saudi Youth Capacity Building


Sitech was approached to work on the Doroob Phase-1 system in order to achieve the following key technical objectives:

  • Support 10x increase the number of users,
  • update all S/W frameworks,
  • significant rework the infrastructure to handle significant increase of load,
  • migrate from AWS to a government data center facility,
  • and add new learning programs.

Sitech implemented good governance practices on the project, combining agility with an orderly project processes.


Technical Solution Summary

As part of the Saudi National Law on Data and User Protection, SiTech moved all of Doroob’s services from the cloud to a government data center facility.

Our team migrated Doroob Open edX® platform from Amazon cloud (AWS) to an on-premise data center. The architecture is designed to provide high availability and withstand load coming from thousands of students browsing media-rich courses. SITech implemented a containerized application structure orchestrated with Kubernetes. Application servers were behind firewalls into private VLANs and are continuously monitored by logging and management servers.

The platform also integrates with several governmental endpoints and provides reports and analytics dashboards to Doroob’s administration team.

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