Cloud Managed Services for SMALL BUSINESS AND StartUps

Managed Cloud Services for SMEs and Startups

Reduce your costs while improving business agility, security, and developer productivity.

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How Do Our Managed Cloud Services Help You?

24/7 Cloud Monitoring

Hiring one specialist in-house restricts your ability to monitor performance and risk. By choosing an external partner for your cloud services small business needs, you get anytime, everytime monitoring.

Release Software Faster

A dedicated team will ensure your infrastructure enables you to release software faster.

Control Your Cloud Services Costs

Don't overspend on things you don't need. We'll ensure you only pay for what you use.

Easier Infrastructure Scalability

Scale your operations and infrastructure according to your business growth needs.

Lower Recruitment Costs

You hire three certified Cloud specialists for the price of one full-time DevOps.

Guaranteed Availability

Ensure that your customers and users are never frustrated by a poor user experience.


Startup Cloud Services Essentials Pack


per month*

$24,000 annual package

save up to $25,500 annually

Get the full cloud services package at a 50% discount now!
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All the cloud services computing solutions your startup needs, packaged for optimal performance and cost:

Infrastructure Setup

We setup your infrastructure correctly leading to easier maintenance and smarter operations.

Growth Roadmap

We develop a tailored roadmap that helps plan your infrastructure for future growth needs.

24/7 Monitoring

We protect your startup from internal and external risks through proactive monitoring, security upgrades, and risk mitigation solutions.


We reduce your downtime and increase the availability of your services - enabling your brand to deliver superior user experiences.

Cost Control

We help you optimize your costs. Only pay for what you use. Never worry about indirect and hidden costs.


We implement automation best practices to ensure that your startup releases software faster than your competitors.

Ongoing Support

We provide you with 24/7/365 support across all timezones and preferred channels of communication.

Certified Consultancy

We give you instant access to our certified team of Cloud specialists. Their expertise is your expertise.


We provide a seamless onboarding experience to get you started quickly.

A dedicated team of certified Cloud engineers helping you:

Control your cloud services costs

Respond to disruption faster

Release software faster

Optimize your availability

Scale your business faster

Protect your business-critical data


“As an AI and data driven business we needed 24/7 availability and support. Sitech delivered every time. Their expertise across all cloud technologies was essential to our growth strategy.”

Ibrahim Ibrejat - Doctor GT

Ibrahim Ibrejat - Doctor GT

Technologies We Master

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

How Does Sitech Help You Optimize Cloud Costs?

Sitech Cloud & DevOps VS. In-House Full-Time DevOps

Cloud services for small business and startups is a 24/7 job delivered by at least three Cloud engineers. Here's a comparison between partnering with Sitech and doing this in-house:

Direct Costs


Starting at $1,974 per month


Starts at $5,500 per month

Indirect Costs

With Sitech

No indirect costs to your business.

  • Paid sick and annual leaves
  • Raises and bonuses
  • Cost of talent retention when they receive offers to join your competitors
  • Social security
  • Health insurance

Staff Turnover

With Sitech

No turnover or disruption to your operations.


High and unpredictable staff turnover.

Know-How and Expertise

With Sitech

Immediate access to a certified team of cloud services experts in leading technologies and verticals at all times.


Limited and restricted to your available in-house experience, expertise, and capabilities.

Availability of your Digital Services

With Sitech

100% guaranteed availability for at least one year.


Dependent on your team's availability 24/7/365 across all timezones.

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