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We help you scale your infrastructure with ease, as we handle all the updates and maintenance work.

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Identify optimization opportunities through certified Cloud services:

Optimize your Cloud costs

Pay only for what you need and use. No need to waste money and time anymore.

Rapid Deployments

Deploy product changes and features faster than ever.

Infrastructure Security

Protect your infrastructure with ongoing security upgrade and monitoring.

Higher Availability

A cloud infrastructure means your customers will always find you available.

Hassle-free Scalability

Scale your infrastructure easily as your business needs grow.

24/7 Support

Limiting your DevOps to a one man team is risky to your business continuity.

Cloud Managed Services

Our certified team of cloud specialists help you simplify operations, reduce costs, improve security, and enhance your ability to scale instantly.

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Cloud Migration

Helping you migrate workloads, apps, and data from on-premises infrastructure to cloud infrastructure in a seamless and secure manner.

Cloud Consultancy

From choosing the ideal cloud solutions to process optimization and mitigating risks, we can help you implement best practices.

Cloud Optimization

Whether you adopt IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS cloud-based solution.

AWS Cloud

As AWS partners - we enable you to speed innovation, scale business services, and improve operational agility.


“As an AI and data driven business we needed 24/7 availability and support. Sitech delivered every time. Their expertise across all cloud technologies was essential to our growth strategy.”

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A certified team of Cloud specialists making your life easier!

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Our certified Cloud specialists will answer all your questions and open your eyes to vulnerabilities that you need to address as a priority.


Assessment Report

Our team will provide you with a comprehensive status report for your infrastructure. They propose solutions and a recommended roadmap.


Scope Agreement

We agree on priorities, parameters, and timeline for delivery of the scope of work.


Continuous Support

A continuous and frequent reporting of findings, activities, and solutions provided across all your preferred channels of communication.



What are cloud managed services?

Cloud managed services offer partial or complete management of cloud resources and infrastructure. These services may include configuration, security, maintenance, and optimization.

What are the benefits of cloud managed services?

There are many benefits to utilizing cloud managed services, including improved efficiency, lower infrastructure costs, increased security, and more. Cloud managed services also offer centralized control so your business is always safe and compliant.

Who needs cloud managed services?

Businesses working in the fintech space, including online underwriters and loan processors, can benefit from cloud managed services, and specifically cloud finance software. As well, businesses looking for enterprise cloud migration services, whether that be moving apps, data, or workloads from an on-premise structure to the cloud, can benefit from optimized cloud management services.

What kinds of cloud managed services does Sitech offer?

Sitech offers cloud migration, cloud consultancy, and cloud optimization services. As AWS partners, we are backed by one of the most powerful web service companies in the world, so your cloud services will always be in good hands.

Can I get cloud managed services in Jordan?

Yes, Sitech provides cloud computing in finance, software development, and enterprise cloud migration in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Poland, the UAE, and the USA. We've processed more than $30+ billion through our cloud fintech solutions and successfully delivered more than 100 projects.

How can I get started with cloud managed services?

If you're interested in utilizing cloud managed services, Sitech is here to help. We are certified in providing cloud managed services and can help you get started with migrating, configuring, and managing your resources. Contact us today to learn more.

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