Finance, Transformation and Growth; From Sticks to Fintech

Finance, Transformation and Growth; From Sticks to Fintech

The current change in technology and digital world has introduced new definitions of business and services as well, and the term ‘change’ has become a part of the latest business activities.

However, it is challenging to keep up with rapid change and perpetual technological advancement, especially when it becomes a race that can affect the growth of any business.

From Change Management to Digital Transformation to Growth 

Introducing change can be chaotic to any traditional business or systematic workflow, unless there are innovative professionals who can orchestrate and manage change and transform it into growth with the use of the latest digital technologies alongside proper business knowledge and the right management skills.

Because change is inevitable; we at Sitech believe in adopting change and turn it into transformation where we can tailor solutions for our partners that transform the way the organizations operate, through adapting to the ongoing industry advancement, developing existing products, designing far-sighted strategies and foreseeing growth.

Finance and Transformation; From Sticks To Fintech

We understand that the advanced technology we have today comes from an accumulated knowledge of over 8 thousand generations through trial and error, collective innovation, and discovery; all which not only lead to change, but also transformed our entire financial system from the outmoded system of marked sticks (a.k.a stock) to documented bonds and currencies to banking and stock markets all the way to comprehensive digital systems that facilitate trade, investment, money transfer, billing and other financial services with a tap or a click.

Through digital transformation the financial system advanced from online banking and trading and made a breakthrough with Fintech, which utilizes advanced technology beyond automation and processing to provide traditional financial services.

The fintech industry has introduced new products such as mobile banking, online banking, cryptocurrency, investment apps and many more products, all which wouldn’t have seen the light if it wasn’t for technologies that were new and alien to traditional financial market such as data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. This well-established merge would have been impossible without proper digital transformation and adequate change management.

Transform and Adopt the Change

With our firm belief that change - when managed right - brings progress and progress - when improved - brings growth, Sitech can achieve high-calibre growth by utilizing professional teams that adopt the business core of our partners, study the market needs, monitor changes in industry and understand the consumers’ needs by building products that transform the soon to be obsolete business models into up-to-date organizations with cutting edge technologies that can stay ahead of the wind of change.

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