How to Achieve Digital Operational Excellence

How to Achieve Digital Operational Excellence

The demands and needs of your customers are changing suddenly and at an alarming rate due to disruptive technologies, trends, and many other external factors beyond your control. 

These sudden changes are stunting the momentum and pace at which businesses achieve their desired digital growth. How can you ensure that your digital products, services and experiences are not impacted negatively by those factors? 

We developed a dynamic and hybrid operations model that enables you to regain control amid all the disruption.

We call this model Managed Teams.

What are Managed Teams?

They are cross functional teams that enable you to develop, design, build, launch, and sustain your digital products and services. They include product managers, business analysts, software engineers, data scientists, UI/UX designers, IT support, and marketers.

Adopting Managed Teams as a software delivery model is the ideal solution for enterprises seeking to sustain a managed digital business growth pace:

1. Dynamic and Flexible SDLCs

Sustaining digital business growth momentum means you must regain control of your software development life cycle (SDLC) rather than leaving it at the mercy of external factors and disruption.

Unlike typical models such as outsourcing; Managed Teams provide your enterprise with the strategic flexibility to pivot and realign fast because the SDLC is not restricted by scoped requirements.

Scoped projects have pre-set requirements that do not accommodate the real demands of your increasingly dynamic market. On the other hand, Managed Teams are dynamic.

Should a disruptive trend or new technology have an influence on the delivery or launch of your digital product, your Managed Team will move and realign instantly, replacing redundant talent with relevant technological specialists.

Achieving strategic flexibility when it comes to building cross functional IT teams
Learn how to achieve strategic flexibility needed to adopt to disruption

Your enterprise will own a tailored software development team of engineers, UI/UX designers, and QA specialists managed by a product manager that ensures your team is always populated by the required expertise regardless of how much disruption is caused by external factors beyond your control.

Why is that critical towards enhancing your digital capabilities?

As technology markets evolve, market forces and the resulting impacts will require all product managers to take action and rethink. Product managers need to navigate the life cycle of products, services and solutions to ensure disruption doesn’t hinder digital business transformation.

Gaining the strategic flexibility to compose and recruit a team quickly based on your changing project needs enables your enterprise to seamlessly deliver digital products and services to your customers.

No amount of disruption in the market or changes will impact your ability to quickly realign mid-project development.

2. Managed Quality and Growth

Enterprises that succeed at sustaining their growth have 3 things in common:

  • They intimately know what their customers want from them at all times.
  • They distinguish themselves by knowing how present their value to their customers
  • They all enjoy operational excellence

Managed Teams enable non-technical businesses and enterprises that lack the necessary resources to sustain a higher standard of IT operations excellence.

With product-centric Managed Teams, your business will be able to:

  • Dedicate tailored resources and expertise towards your digital growth
  • Eliminate resource wasting scope requirements
  • Avoid time consuming issues that impact your software development
  • Weaponize failure and inject systematic innovation into your digital product development
  • Manage the growth and scalability of your digital product life cycle

The constant disruption and changes that impact your business can be controlled by introducing the strategic flexibility that Managed Teams enjoy and eliminating the irrelevant restrictions of scoped project requirements.

3. Launch Software Faster to Market

The operational excellence provided by Managed Teams enables you to become a product leader in your target market.

Aligning your technical and business requirements with relevant product managers enables your Managed Team to make iterative releases every 2 weeks and deliver your digital products better and faster than your competitors.

Product managers, project coordinators, and business analysts work in tandem with the technical team leadership to develop the ideal project delivery methodology that works best for your project requirements and preferences.

Developing a custom project delivery methodology that fits your digital project and software delivery requirements enables you to bypass any common issues that may slow down the SDLC.

At Sitech; we always adopt a hybrid approach towards software development based on SCRUM and Agile methodologies to ensure the project never stalls and always fits the needs of our clients.

4. High Performance Cross Functional Teams

Introducing new or emerging technologies and tools to your digital experience doesn’t make your brand more engaging or valuable to your customers.

The key factor here is the talent and expertise in your IT teams building and maintaining your digital experiences. Buying a Ferrari doesn’t automatically transform you into Michael Schumacher.

The ability to hire, manage, and retain world class IT and digital experts is critical to ensure that your business stays competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace.

From mentorship, onboarding, and beyond... talent growth and retention can be a daunting task for your business if you don’t have the relevant senior level IT expertise it takes to make sure the unique work 

Your business must have the ability to quickly hire and retain the specialized expertise to ensure that SDLCs do not stall.

At Sitech, we provide a unique environment for each project team to ensure that all their needs are met; in turn making sure that they are 100% focused on your success and growth.

If you need to explore how to get hold of world class digital experts for your Managed Team, talk to one of our consultants here.

5. Optimize IT Operation Cost

With Managed Teams, your cost will be easily predictable and manageable.

Enterprises often find it challenging to recruit the required talent and expertise needed to implement the emerging technologies due to them already being committed to legacy scoped project requirements.

Building in-house IT capabilities may be the preferred approach for global enterprises; however it is not sustainable nor efficient as the cost of hiring talent inevitably increases and becomes steeper.

Outsourcing to service providers is another challenge altogether. 

Managing the quality of development and delivery of your digital products becomes harder and it becomes even more difficult to sustain any momentum due to the restrictive nature of the agreed upon scope.

When outsourcing you are compromising on the deliverables due to agreements based on scoped requirements. Change request frequency will increase and issues will arise between your business and your outsourcing partner.

6. Identify New Business Opportunities

Unlike outsourcing to 3rd party IT service providers or freelancers; Managed Team members are tailored to the specific requirements of your digital product success. 

That means they are not working on a scoped project that ends upon delivery or launch. Your digital products, services, and experiences must be updated on an ongoing basis to ensure they sustain their relevance and value to your customers.

  • Business analysts work in tandem with you and the development team to ensure that ALL technical requirements are truly aligned with the strategic business requirements in the short and long term.
  • Product managers with a deep understanding of your industry and market needs ensure that your digital products and services are always relevant to your customers.

7. Stay Relevant to your customers

We live in an increasingly digital world where disruptive changes are occurring at a frightening pace. These changes are determined by the needs and preferences of your customers.

If you don’t meet those needs, your brand becomes irrelevant.

By 2025, customers will expect and demand products that offer dynamic, proactive and even prescriptive, personalized experiences. 

Transforming your business and operations model through Managed Teams allows you to set up your business for sustainable digital business growth and transformation today.

Dedicated product managers ensure that your digital products and services fulfil the desired results by aligning them with real market needs and expectations. Managed Teams enrich you with the ability to enjoy unrestricted systematic innovation.

A focused team directed by product managers, data science, and business analysts will enable you to provide your customers with deeper personalization and meaningful engagement. Fact is that all digital experiences, apps, and even processes require ongoing upgrades, support, and maintenance.

This means that your enterprise (regardless of your industry) must become a technology-driven business to ensure that the systematic innovation necessary to develop engaging and relevant digital products for your customers is injected into your business model.