Sitech and Backbase Sign Strategic Partnership To Deliver Omnichannel Banking

Sitech and Backbase Sign Strategic Partnership To Deliver Omnichannel Banking

Backbase and Sitech sign a strategic partnership to lead the wave of engagement banking in the Kingdom

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 26 July, 2022 – Backbase, the leading global engagement banking platform provider, announced its partnership with fintech and banking digital transformation solutions provider, Sitech. The partnership will allow banks and financial service providers in the Saudi financial market to leverage the combined benefits of Backbase’s award-winning engagement banking platform and Sitech’s innovative design, development, and delivery of digital banking services.

Saudi banks and financial institutions will have access to certified Backbase specialists with local market expertise and intimate knowledge of local customs and customer behavior, with 24/7 support availability due to shared time zones, among other benefits.

Banks will also be able to launch digital banking products and services to the market faster, with the ability to make updates, upgrades, and modifications to product development without compromising on delivery dates. In addition to this, banks in the Kingdom will enjoy AI and Big Data capabilities to support their digital transformation ambitions.

“As the line between finance and technology becomes increasingly blurred, having the right platform and software in place is critical in driving innovation across the banking sector, “Mehmet Cakal, Regional Head - Partners at Backbase stated. Our partnership with Sitech provides financial institutions with a unified, robust platform to build their digital transformation while delivering a customer-first experience. Today’s customer wants their banking service to be as seamless, efficient and feature-packed as their online streaming services. Backbase’s partnership with Sitech is helping to usher in this bold new future vision, making online banking more flexible and responsive to the needs of consumers.”

“Banks in the Middle East and the GCC, in particular, are accelerating the pace of their digital transformation to keep up with the disruption caused by emerging technologies and fintechs in their sector, ''Nibal Jarrar, Director of Business Development, representing Sitech, said. Sitech’s innovative expertise in building digital banking experiences from A to Z combined with the leading engagement banking capabilities of Backbase makes this partnership strategic for banks in the Middle East seeking to achieve sustainable growth through innovative digital banking experiences, solutions, and services. This partnership will help banks transform from product-centric traditional banking to customer-centric digital banking experiences for their clients”.

About Backbase

Backbase is on a mission to re-architect banking around the customer.

We created the Backbase Engagement BankingPlatform – a unified platform with the customer at the center, helping banksorchestrate seamless journeys across every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Industry analysts Forrester, Gartner, Celent, Omdia, and IDC continuously recognize Backbase’s category leadership position. Over 150 financials around the world have embraced the Backbase EngagementBanking Platform - including National Bank of Bahrain, Ila Bank, Banque Saudi Fransi,  AIB, Barclays, Bank of the Philippine Islands, BNP Paribas, Citibank, Citizens Bank, CheBanca!, DiscoveryBank, Greater Bank, HDFC, IDFC First, KeyBank, Lloyds Banking Group, NavyFederal Credit Union, PostFinance, RBC, Société Générale, TPBank, Vantage BankTexas, Westpac, and Wildfire Credit Union.

Backbase is a privately funded fintech company, founded in 2003 in Amsterdam (global HQ), with regional offices in Atlanta (Americas HQ), New York, Boise, Mexico City, Toronto, London, Cardiff, Dubai, Kraków, Singapore, Sydney, Australia, and Tokyo.

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About Sitech

Sitech assists banks and financial service providers with the design, development, and delivery of customer-centric digital products and services.

Sitech’s expertise in the delivery of innovative digital banking transformation solutions has enabled multiple banks operating in the GCC and MENA regions to enhance their digital banking capabilities. Additionally, Sitech is committed to accelerating the digital growth of fintech startups operating in the region.

Businesses that wish to remain relevant in today's digital economy must make continue to provide digital experiences that matter. Sitech's innovative approach to software delivery, Managed SoftwareTeams, facilitates the design, development, and delivery of digital products to market at a reduced cost.

Sitech is a digital transformation solutions provider across the full spectrum of digital enterprise transformation, with over 140 core digital specialists in UI/UX design, Custom Software Development, DevOps-as-a-Service, Agile Product Management, AI, and Big Data.

Sitech enables its clients to maintain a dynamic, technology-driven business model through Product Discovery, Staff Augmentation, Cloud Managed Services, and Managed Software Teams.

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