What Is Product Discovery?

What is product discovery and how can it help you build the right digital product?

What is Product Discovery?

There are two stages to the product discovery process. It entails gaining a thorough understanding of clients and then using that information to the development of critical goods for them. Product discovery is critical in assisting product teams in determining which features or products to prioritize and construct, as well as laying the groundwork for product excellence.

Product discovery is an interconnected and clear process to build the right product

What is the Background of Product Discovery?

Product discovery emerged in the early 2000s as a response to the then-standard technique of product development, which might take years and was heavily reliant on needs.

The Agile Manifesto was published in 2001, and it provided a much-needed alternative to documentation-driven product development, which was sluggish and frequently inaccurate. Because it pushed product teams to innovate in much lower batch sizes, the agile method was innovative. 

This eventually taught them how to create items that customers might utilize. UX design and design thinking were gaining traction around this time, focussing product development on consumers rather than internal business stakeholders, and driving product teams to pose a daring, new question: What do customers genuinely want?

The product discovery process revolves around this customer-centric approach to product development.

Why Is It So Important for Product Teams to Do Product Discovery?

Product teams can build goods that people want and need by learning more about them. The strategy enables teams to move beyond "nice to have" features and products and instead develop solutions that solve an issue and become a client necessity.

Product discovery benefits the product team, the company (for example, by avoiding wasting money on bad ideas and producing things that no one wants), and customers (by offering something they may deem essential). When it comes to prioritizing and producing a great product, the product discovery process ensures that product managers and teams are on the right road.

What is the Product Discovery Process?

  1. Increase your customer empathy by learning about their underlying requirements and sentiments.
  2. Crowdsource multiple opinions from your team to get a holistic image of your consumer.
  3. Pay attention—really pay attention. Resist the impulse to jump to a solution and instead consider the customer's core issue.
  4. To increase clarity, try visual mapping.
  5. Gather and organize client feedback from a variety of sources (e.g., social media, email, customer service, user research, customer advisory board, etc.).
  6. Maintain objectivity. Is it possible that viable remedies are aligned with issues, or are you prejudiced? Keep in mind that not every concept will succeed.
  7. Put your assumptions to the test.

Following product discovery, product development involves recognizing a market need, investigating the competitive environment, envisioning a solution, creating a product roadmap, and constructing a minimal viable product.

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