Why You Need DevOps-as-a-Service

DevOps as a Service. Improve collaboration between developers and IT managers, reduce time to market, and increase service reliability

If you're responsible for designing, implementing, and deploying new technologies, chances are you've considered adding DevOps to your arsenal of tools. 

DevOps/DevSecOps is the most practiced software development methodology globally, used by 35.9% of software development teams. Respondents to a survey by Statista stated their reasons for adopting a DevOps/DevSecOps approach as follows:

  • Faster time to market.
  • Security, code quality.
  • Improved communication and collaboration among developers.

Data Source: Statista.com - Breakdown of software development methodologies practiced worldwide in 2022

DevOps help you better develop, test, and deploy technologies more quickly. They also help your team become more efficient by providing the infrastructure and operations that may have previously been lacking. 

Whether you're just starting with DevOps or need a refresher on why it's essential to your team's success, keep reading to find out how DevOps can benefit your entire organization and how DevOps-as-a-service helps you fully leverage the benefits of the cloud.

What is DevOps?

You can think of DevOps as practices, philosophies, and tools that increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at an accelerated rate.

DevOps has rapidly gained popularity in recent years. It mainly focuses on improving collaboration between technology operations and software development teams and is designed to help organizations reduce their time to market and increase their service reliability. 

DevOps Managed Services provide the same benefits as traditional DevOps while reducing the risk, cost, and complexity associated with building an in-house DevOps team.

DevOps-as-a-service and The Benefits of DevOps

DevOps-as-a-service (DaaS) allows IT managers to delegate all related tasks, management, and system maintenance to the professional DevOps services company and its engineers. This allows their developers to focus on product improvements and delivering new features.

Daas provides a suite of solutions to help ensure an organization's cloud infrastructure is consistently up and running. This includes activities such as provisioning, orchestration, monitoring, and optimization. 

The number of benefits DevOps provide for business is the reason for the exponential rise in its adoption by organizations around the globe:

Better Operational Cost

The implementation of DevOps ensures continuous software development. This minimizes operational expenditures by reducing deployment, software development, and maintenance costs.

By adopting DevOps-as-a-service or Cloud Managed Services, companies can reduce operational costs without the hassle and risk of building a customized infrastructure and supporting an in-house DevOps team.

Optimizes Productivity & Maximizes Efficiency

Companies that want to optimize productivity and maximize efficiency will undoubtedly opt for DevOps-as-a-service.

Cloud Managed Service providers like Sitech help our clients reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks like testing and deployment. This frees up valuable time for their team to focus on what they do best: creating great products!

Another significant benefit of running infrastructure in the Cloud is that it makes provisioning new servers much faster than traditional setups by cutting down on wait times for hardware acquisition.

Mentorship for your in-house IT team

By choosing DevOps-as-a-Service, you gain access to DevOps experts that provide you with their expertise from day one.

These dedicated DevOps engineers can provide your internal IT team with the tools and resources required to master the new DevOps system. 

Adopting a DevOps-as-a-Service model does not mean you will completely relinquish control over your internal DevOps process. Cloud Managed Service providers help your resources focus on mission-critical activities by implementing efficient and effective automated mechanisms.

Access to the Right Professionals

With DevOps-as-a-service, organizations have access to a pool of skilled professionals. These professionals can quickly respond to issues and identify environmental problems leading to higher-quality products and fewer problems down the road.

Why and When DevOps Is Needed

IT Managers are increasingly turning to DevOps to maximize the value of their cloud computing investments. According to Gartner, over 85% of organizations will adopt a cloud computing strategy by 2025, and 95% of new digital workloads will take place on cloud platforms, a 30% increase from 2021.

Considering DevOps-as-a-service for your organization can help you stay on top of the rapidly changing world of cloud infrastructure and take advantage of its benefits. 

Another critical benefit of DevOps-as-a-service is its scalability. Cloud-managed services can be quickly scaled up or down depending on your organization's needs. This allows IT Managers to easily adjust capacity based on demand, ensuring they don't overspend on resources they don't need. 

Organizations also have access to expert support, which can help address any issues quickly and ensure your applications run optimally. 

DevOps Has Much To Offer

Almost any business can benefit from adopting DevOps, and as interest in cloud computing grows, the need for DevOps services is also on the rise. 


Startups are adaptable and agile; they expand quickly, are cost conscious, and seek to scale swiftly. 

Startups often look for DevOps services to get their architecture right from the start. You can't over-engineer, but neither should you try to do everything at once or do it yourself. This helps keep your Cloud spend to a minimum and results in a quality product that lets you hit the market fast and continuously keep up the competitive pace.

To help your startup get the best out of the Cloud... our team of certified Cloud specialists developed a tailored package of Cloud solutions for all startups and SMEs.


The rapidly evolving IT market demands productional agility for better quality and reduced costs. With its tangible business value and project universality, DevOps has positioned itself firmly as a methodology of choice for enterprise-grade continuous deployments.

For larger enterprises, DevOps-as-a-service is an excellent way to increase the speed and efficiency of software development, automate parts of the development process, and speed up their release cycles while reducing costs associated with maintaining an internal IT infrastructure. 

DevOps-as-a-service is an invaluable tool for startups and enterprises looking to maximize productivity. 


DevOps as a Service (DaaS) is the perfect solution for businesses that want to take advantage of the benefits that DevOps can offer without investing in hiring and training in-house personnel.

The Service helps companies maintain high-quality software, increase agility, and reduce time to market. It also enables organizations to focus on core competencies while taking advantage of DaaS providers' latest technologies and processes.

Contact us if you are ready to take advantage of the many benefits that DevOps can bring to your business. Our team of experts will help you create a customized solution that fits your needs!