The Practical Guide to Cloud Cost Optimization


Do you feel your company is spending more than it should on Cloud services?

More often than not, the answer is yes.

Cloud services provided by providers such as AWS and GCP are highly sought after by forward-thinking businesses seeking to maintain a lean and flexible operations model. However, due to a lack of support and expertise; most businesses end up paying more than they should for Cloud services.

This free guide has been developed by our team of certified Cloud engineers and DevOps specialists to help you optimize performance whilst lowering your costs, ensuring that you never have to pay for more than you use.

Why should you care about Cloud Cost Optimization?

Why shouldn't you? Unless you have an infinite budget and are under no pressure to present the highest ROI possible.

Migrating your infrastructure to the Cloud is all about enabling your business via superior cloud-based capabilities at managed cost, so if you are not going to prioritize cost optimization - then the whole purpose of migrating to the Cloud has been defeated.

In short... Cloud management and cost optimization go hand-in-hand.

Besides, what's wrong with spending your money wisely and allocating the freed-up resources for more worthy items on your agenda?

Key learnings from the Practical Guide to Cloud Cost Optimization:

  • What is Cloud Cost Optimization?
  • The current state of Cloud
  • Cloud Governance
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Cloud Cost Optimization Best Practices
  • ... and more!

Who this ebook is for?

  • Cloud and DevOps: This comprehensive and practical guide covers the best practices that your in-house Cloud/DevOps team may have missed.
  • Startups: Migrating to the Cloud has been a critical factor behind the growth of startups and small businesses; however, most startups either don't have the required technical expertise in-house (or in fact, have restricted expertise).
  • CIOs: The guide covers cloud governance and data security.
  • Everyone: Our guide keeps things simple and clear. The Cloud is growing at an explosive rate and at some point - everyone will be using the Cloud.

If you need the help getting your Cloud costs under control we are an email away, but our ebook should be able to give your in-house Cloud and DevOps teams a better idea on how to better optimize your Cloud spending.

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