Managing Tech Outsourcing Governance and Partner Relationships


Outsourcing relationships are essential for an organization's ability to successfully solve important business issues and adapt to evolving trends. 

However, outsourcing though can also introduce a host of new challenges and nightmares for the unprepared.

In this free guide you will learn about:

1. IT Governance

Understand what IT governance really means and how it can impact the sustained digital growth of your business. Learn which governance factors are relevant to you as a service provider or as a service recipient.

2. Successful Software Service Delivery Partnerships

Outsourcing projects can be expensive if you do not understand the typical traps in the outsourcing process; learn everything you will need to ensure smooth delivery of IT projects from defining objectives to implementation and transition.

3. Managing Effective Outsourcing Relationships

Get insight into valuable tips from our digital product managers' in managing effective outsourcing relationships to ensure smooth software and digital product delivery.

4. Contract Management Team Responsibilities

A designated contract management team is essential to ensure sustained success for your potential outsourcing relationships. Understand what your contract management team must be able to address to ensure successful outsourcing relationships.

5. Outsourcing Major IT Projects

Get a sneak peek into valuable technical insights from our technical staff and software engineers regarding data, coding, servers, security, and much more.

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